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YCA General Store

P.O.Box 159, Colonia, Yap FSM 96943

Tel: +691-350-2208/2209   Fax: +691-350-4114   E-mail:

[Features]  Local foods, Fruits/vegetables, Meat, Diving/fishing equipments, Clothing, Sandals, Shoes, Daily goods

[Business Hours]  Mon-Fri: 8:00-17:30   Sat: 8:00-14:30   Sun: 8:30-13:00

Yap Pacific Dive Resort Gift Shop [HP]

P.O.Box B, Colonia, Yap FSM 96943

Tel: +691-350-6000   Fax: +691-350-4278   E-mail:

[Features]  Local clothings, Local masks, Diving equipments

[Business Hours]  Mon-Sun: 8:00-17:00

E.S.A. Gift Shop [HP]

P.O.Box 141, Colonia, Yap FSM 96943

Tel: +691-350-2138/2139   Fax: +691-350-2310   E-mail:

[Features]  Handicrafts, Local bags, Local hats

[Business Hours]  Available upon request of guests

Lagoonia Store

P.O.Box 282, Colonia, Yap FSM 96943

Tel: +691-350-2792   E-mail:

[Features]  Handicrafts, Clothing, Snacks

[Business Hours]  Mon-Fri: 7:30-18:00

The Tropical Touch handicrafts

P.O.Box 216, Colonia, Yap FSM 96943

Tel: +691-350-3222/3282

[Features]  Local baskets, Grass skirts, Laces, Necklaces, Earrings

[Business Hours]  Mon-Fri: 8:30-16:50

Blue Lagoon Store

P.O.Box 33, Colonia, Yap FSM 96943

Tel: +691-350-2136   Fax: +691-350-4129   E-mail:

[Features]  Meat, Fish, Canned foods, Instant foods, Liquors, Seasonings, Daily goods

[Business Hours]  Mon-Sat: 8:00-20:00  Sun: 9:00-15:00

>> For more information, please ask to YAP Visitors Bureau.

YAP Visitors Bureau
YAP Visitors Bureau
Address: Bldg#1 YVB Main Drive, P.O. Box 988, Colonia, Yap State 96943
Tel: +691-350-2298/5005    Fax: +691-350-7015