Liduduhniap Waterfall (POHNPEI)

Nanpil River and Liduduhniap are twin falls with an upper and lower level and are a popular place to swim. It is only a short walk to the falls and there is a large pool, thatched huts and picnic area. The picnic area overlooks the falls from above and provides an awesome panorama of pure tropical jungle and mountain valley vistas.

Kepirohi Waterfall (POHNPEI)

This is the most popular waterfall in Pohnpei. The large, open lake at the base is perfect for swimming, and is popular for both visitors and locals alike. Kepirohi falls is about 66 feet (20 meters) tall, 98 feet (30 meters) wide, and is made up of large, square basalt stones. It is truly breathtaking and should not be missed. It is an easy 5-minute walk from the main road along a stone path hedged by tropical flower varieties of excellent color and beauty.

Pahn Takai Cave and Falls (POHNPEI)

It is a 30-minute hike into the rainforest to this huge overhanging cave and waterfall. The waterfall is 150 feet high and the cave more than 900 feet across. A large colony of bats live in the cave and there is access behind the waterfall that leads to the Kupwuriso cannons, relics from the WWII era. Indeed this is where the name Pahn Takai, which means “underneath the rock”, is derived from.

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