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Old Battlefields

Old Japanese Lighthouse (CHUUK)

On top of a hill with a fine view, the lighthouse was built in the 1930s by the Japanese Army. Offers a spectacular view of the island of Weno as well as other high islands, atolls and sand spits that dot the massive Chuuk lagoon.

Nefo Cave & Old Japanese Gun (CHUUK)

Used by the Japanese during World War II, a series of caves can be explored on foot. The well preserved remains of a large artillery gun can be found here.

Lenger Island (POHNPEI)

During the war, this island, located north of the main island of Pohnpei, was used as an important defense point and a marine flying boat base was founded here. The base was almost completely destroyed during the war, but afterwards it was restored and functioned as the official Pohnpei Airport until 1970.

Dolopwuropwur Guns (POHNPEI)

On top of the hill, which commands a beautiful view of Temwen Island, a battery and powdermagazine from the Japanese era still remains. The battery was installed to guard the channels around Pohnpei and, apparently, was never hit by enemy fire. Since the Japanese Army used this area as a base camp during the war, this site is considered historically important.

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