Pahn Takai Cave and Falls (POHNPEI)

It is a 30-minute hike into the rainforest to this huge overhanging cave and waterfall. The waterfall is 150 feet high and the cave more than 900 feet across. A large colony of bats live in the cave and there is access behind the waterfall that leads to the Kupwuriso cannons, relics from the WWII era. Indeed this is where the name Pahn Takai, which means “underneath the rock”, is derived from.

Kepirohi Waterfall (POHNPEI)

This is the most popular waterfall in Pohnpei. The large, open lake at the base is perfect for swimming, and is popular for both visitors and locals alike. Kepirohi falls is about 66 feet (20 meters) tall, 98 feet (30 meters) wide, and is made up of large, square basalt stones. It is truly breathtaking and should not be missed. It is an easy 5-minute walk from the main road along a stone path hedged by tropical flower varieties of excellent color and beauty.

Liduduhniap Waterfall (POHNPEI)

Nanpil River and Liduduhniap are twin falls with an upper and lower level and are a popular place to swim. It is only a short walk to the falls and there is a large pool, thatched huts and picnic area. The picnic area overlooks the falls from above and provides an awesome panorama of pure tropical jungle and mountain valley vistas.

Lehn Paipohn Waterfall (POHNPEI)

This waterfall feeds the deepest and largest lake on Pohnpei. It is more remote than some of the other waterfalls, but is an excellent area for observing Pohnpei’s prolific plant and birdlife.

Sahwartik/Sahwarlap Waterfall (POHNPEI)

These two falls can be seen from a distance reflecting sunlight from large volumes of cascading water tumbling into the surrounding jungle. The smaller falls are called Sahwartik (shining faintly) and the larger falls, Sahwarlap (shining brightly).

Sipyen Waterfall (KOSRAE)

Sipyen Waterfall is a refreshing 30 foot cascade of mountain waters that bathers and photographers alike will enjoy. Located in Utwe, the waterfall offers a relief from the tropical heat. A small bath pool at the bottom rewards those healthy enough for the short five minute walk. Rocks can be slippery, so be careful when walking up the cleared path and in the shallow creek bed. The landowner lives nearby and it is courteous to ask permission before enjoying this site.

Saolung Waterfall (KOSRAE)

About a mile past Sipyen Waterfall and visible from the road, this waterfall is a tropical delight, with refreshing, clear waters year-round. At the base of the fall is a larger pool than at Sipyen Falls. The owner lives nearby and permission should be asked.

Wiya Bird Cave (KOSRAE)

A natural cave of impressive size with thousands of Resident Island swiftlet birds, it is the only residing place for this type of bird, which easily number in the hundreds. At the base of the cave is a pool of guano, accumulated over the decades, which locals use as a high-nutrient additive to the ubiquitous Kosrae home gardens in all of the villages. Legends say this cave to be home to a family of real giants, and that the cave goes through a tunnel to the other side of the island. Easy to get too just off the main road, it is truly a rare and awesome sight.

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