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Local Attire

Lava lava (YAP)

Yapese women wear colorful striped, loin clothes and grass skirts which are made out of banana fiber and hibiscus bark that is manually hand-woven. Men wear loin-cloths, called “Du”, which comes in various colors: blue, white and red or a combination of the three colors. The color of the “Du” reflects the rank of the man in his village and family.

Chuuk dress (CHUUK)

The Chuuk dress is a locally famous fashion dress among Micronesian women for its colorful and intricate patterns. It is a loose-fitting one piece skirt and one that many visitors find attractive as well. It comes in various colors and characteristic designs that bring out the true FSM Island style fashion and lifestyle.

Pohnpeian skirt (POHNPEI)

The Pohnpeian skirt, called “UROHS”, is a popular, local skirt worn daily among Micronesian women which is colorful and decorated with various island flowers or other designs. These can also be special-ordered to fit your needs and tastes.

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